Jun 5, 2019 | Music Video

“Sleepwalking” by Sara O’Connor


The brief for Sarah O’Connor’s music video “Sleepwalking” called for three sets with three distinct looks.

The stage set was achieved with fresnel back lighting and a fill light against a red velet theatre drape. Two smoke machines provided atmosphere to imply a smoke-filled jazz club. The dinner scene utilised a dimmed practical, a cooler light backlighting the scene implying moonlight coming in through an open window and a narrow, warm keylight highligting Sara. The office scene used a large, soft, cool source to provide bright, even lighting through out the scene with warmer fill and a very cool source on the desk simulating the light from a computer screen.

Watch "Sleepwalking" by Sara O'Connor https://youtu.be/KNO6TX79sC0

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