Mar 13, 2020 | Drama / Short Film

“Leaving Town” by Phil Masterson

Cinematographer / Editor / Colourist

“Leaving Town” is short film that is written and directed by Phil Masterson. It’s a film noir crime drama about a couple contemplating leaving town to escape the consequences of their dealing with organised crime.

I shot this on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K camera to take advantage of cinema quality colour science in a small form factor that supported the pace of shooting required by a low budget production. Extensive use of a Tiffen Glimmer Glass 3 filter softens skin towns, blows out point light sources, and channels a 1950s film emulsion look. An aspect ration of 2.4:1 was also chosen to further reminisce on 1950s cinema.

Principal photography has concluded and post production is currently in progress.

"Leaving Town" by Phil Masterson coming soon

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