Jan 26, 2020 | Drama / Short Film

“Descent Into Madness” by Craig Moffatt and Paul Matereke

Cinematographer / Editor / Colourist

“They are faceless and mine is all that’s left. A million years of family trees die one person at a time… And time is the lonely sound of this heart ticking towards a twitching time-bomb”

Written and performed by Craig Moffatt, “Descent Into Madness” details the loss of sanity of The Madman as a monologue. Created one afternoon in January as an exercise in how quickly we could write and shoot something. The Madman is light with a single, high-powered continuous LED light shaped by a beauty dish. A six stop difference between subject and background allows the light to fall off into inky darkness.

Also on set was director Paul Matereke, and Sean Burns recording sound.

Watch "Descent Into Madness" by Craig Moffatt and Paul Matereke https://youtu.be/VxoPZzseCNk

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