Jul 19, 2023 | Short Film

“Lifeboat” by Nick Payne

Writer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Colourist

Having made a life for themselves following a global apocalypse, a group of disparate strangers living together in a bunker have their fragile fantasy shattered when an equipment failure forces them to make a difficult decision about who lives.

“Lifeboat” is a story about the clash of values and pragmatism. It creates a situation that brings these two into conflict with each other in order to see whether the values of individuals can overcome pragmatic reality.

It also dances with themes of power and leadership exploring the different ways that individuals exercise control over others.

It was a joy to work with a menagerie of actors who brought enthusiasm, commitment, and talent to the script I’d written. Each actor’s character has there moment to shine and be front and centre of the story.

"Lifeboat" by Nick Payne coming soon

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